Our Mission Statement

To provide free, family friendly sports action theatre entertainment to New Westminster while connecting our community with our businesses to bring us even closer together.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that community entertainment with a focus on physical health and fitness should be accessible and free for all families from all walks of life In New Westminster

  • We believe we can bring our community closer by creating new relationships simply by having cheering strangers become cheering friends

  • We believe in connecting our community with our local businesses so that New Westies should never have to leave New West to purchase a product or service.

The Royal City Wrestling Story
How We Started, Our Goals, Purpose and Future

RCW was founded by Rish “Mister India” Koya.

Rish’s passions are:

  • Wrestling

  • Health and Fitness

He is a local business owner and runs Koyabell Fitness and Optimal Health in Uptown.

Over the last 20 years, Rish Koya has been a local leader in health and fitness by combining his two passions; wrestling, and helping others. Using his extensive knowledge in alternative medicines and fitness training, Rish has earned his place as one of New Westminster’s leading health coaches helping his clients learn ways to truly optimize their personal health and lifestyle goals.

Rish Koya is a big man, with a big heart.

He loves his hometown of New West, and the people who reside there. Every action he takes, he does with the mindset of “how will this benefit our community?”. This ideology is the true driving force behind Royal City Wrestling. RCW is the manifestation of a passion for wrestling, a belief that anything is possible, and the will of people who truly believe in the vision of their coach, their friend, and ultimately, their inspiration.

Rish moved to from Fiji to Alberta when he was less than 2 years old.

He didn’t see his dad too much growing up. Why? His dad was working 3 jobs to support and make a life for his family. So instead, Rish spent a lot of time with his mum. At that time, she was, and still is, his best friend.

Although Rish didn’t get a chance to see much of his father, his dad made sure to commit to a certain amount of family time each week. What did this consist of? Watching Stampede Wrestling every Friday night in Edmonton of course!

He instantly fell in love with wrestling and that’s when his parents knew that there was a strong chance that their son would one day become a wrestler himself. Telling them every single day that he would also tipped them off.

He started his wrestling career as The Smooth Criminal “Prince Alladin”. His very first match locally took place right here in New West at Eagles Hall (Now known as the Columbia). The Prince was a bad guy, however the people of New West couldn’t help but cheer for him

After suffering a serious concussion and multiple injuries due to a criminal act after a wrestling show, Rish took several years off from his greatest passion to heal and recuperate. Doctors told him he would never wrestle again.

Of course Rish being as stubborn as he is refused to accept this.

Rish basically had to re-teach himself how to think and as a result, learned a whole different style of training.

Kettlebells and bodyweight exercises.

This specific style of training, that he has gradually been mastering is now what he teaches at his studio, Koyabell Fitness located in Uptown New West.

Fully healed and itching to get back into the ring, Rish made his comeback to wrestling, but this time he did so as hero and fan favourite Mister India.

On January 18th, 2017, Mister India became the All Star Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

But Rish wanted more. Though he had returned to his roots and was able to wrestle again, something was off. He knew how wrestling could bring people together, and began to visualize what the theatrical sport could do to benefit his own community. So when the opportunity rose to organize and run his own wrestling show at the Royal City Centre he jumped on it!

The first show took place during Uptown Live 2017.

Literally thousands of people attended the Royal City Takeover.

Rish even convinced our Mayor, Jonathan Cote to be a part of it.

(Jonathan or “Johnny X” is now Mister India’s tag team partner.

After the Take Over show, Rish organized two other very successful stand alone shows at the RCC. The Royal City Rumble and The Brawl at the Mall.

This past summer RCW popularity rose to new heights. Two shows took place at New West Pride and three shows took place at BC Recovery Day featuring Matthew Good.

On October 13th, 2018, RCW would be a part of the Vancity Show Down at the Massey Theatre for another successful free show.