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RCW Throws Down at the Showdown!

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Missed the Show? Click Here for full matches and clips exclusively on Twitch!

Royal City Wrestling’s heroes and villains invaded the Massey Theatre on Saturday, October 20th for the Throwdown at the Showdown event! We’d like to thank our gracious sponsors and fans for all their support and joining us for an afternoon of exciting action!


Bambi Hall def Matt Xtatic, Sponsored by Kelly O’ Bryan’s

Interrupting a pre-show performance by (), Xtatic unleashed a tirade against the idea of women in a wrestling ring. His ignorant comments were just the thing to bring out a woman who’s more than familiar with the squared circle, Bambi Hall. Hall matched Xtatic move for move, gaining the advantage with her significant technical wrestling skills, it wasn’t long before Matt Xtatic was forced to eat his words, as Bambi sent him home with a loss.

Adam Ryder def Moondog Manson Sponsored by Koyabell

Adam Ryder had his work cut out for him at the Throwdown, facing down the 20+ year veteran and many-time local titleholder Moondog Manson. Manson’s size, strength and “downright crazy” advantage left Ryder reeling, especially as he was unwillingly treated to a wild brawl around the ringside area. Ryder, always an intelligent (and devious) competitor was able to squeak out a close victory by relying on his uncanny ability to always find a way to cheat, leaving a frustrated Manson headed to the loser’s circle.

Air Adonis def “That Guy” Danni Deeds Sponsored by Strong Side Conditioning

In another match of Brains vs Brawn, Air Adonis took on the veteran Danni Deeds. Pre-match interviews and locker room chatter showed that Adonis was severely underestimating “That Guy”, owing to his major advantage in size, strength and conditioning. What followed was a surprisingly close match, with Deeds finding every opportunity to injure, insult and aggravate Adonis. Although Deeds put up a great fight, trying to win by hook or crook, Adonis eventually put him away with the shooting star press.

“Big Daddy Dynamite” Buck Lightning def Volcano Sponsored by Big Star Sandwiches

Insulted and more than a little bitter by what he felt was a snub by Mr. India refusing him a match following their altercation at Recovery Day BC, Buck Lightning was slated to face Volcano, a close friend of Mr. India. Buck might have been looking a little too far ahead initially, clearly not taking Volcano seriously, and was rewarded for his overconfidence with a barrage of offense that definitely sent him home battered and bruised. The pain clearly motivated Mr. Lightning as he lost his tempter, culminating in a vicious assault that gave him the victory after a powerbomb.

Team USA def The Voros Twins sponsored by PEMF Cell Therapy

After a loss to Volcano and Air Adonis at BC Recovery Day, and scheduled to face Team New Westminster (Mr. India and Mayor Jonathan X Cote) this January, Team USA were in desperate need of a win to regain some momentum. Accompanied by their valet, Miss Galour, Team USA’s road to redemption ran straight through the Voros Twins. The Voros Twins used their speed and aerial abilities to keep Team USA on the ropes, even occasionally resorting to some mischievous “Twin Magic” to confuse the referee. Team USA nearly faced another loss, until an assist from Miss Galour handed them the win heading into Royal City Takeover.

Mr. India def Lak Siddhartha sponsored by Steel and Oak Brewing

This Falls Count Anywhere match should be considered Lak Siddhartha’s playground. Vancouver Island Pro Wrestling’s monster eagerly entered the ring with a pile of weapons, all of which would be considered legal for the contest. Mr. India, who no sane person would consider a “hardcore” wrestler gamely stood up to the challenge in a wild brawl all over the Massey Theater. Chairs, tables and kendo sticks flew as they fought through the hallways, gyms and even parking lots, confusing and amusing visitors in attendance for the powerlifting and armwrestling events. Mr. India eventually landed the () through a table, and not even that put Siddharta down. A distracted and gloating Lak was rolled up for the pin, but he stood tall in defeat, roaring in defiance, leaving a shaken Mr. India victorious and forcing to admit a bit of grudging respect for Vancouver Island’s Beast.