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Royal City Wrestling Shines at Recovery Day 2018!

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Royal City Wrestling was back to doing what we do best on September 8th in support of BC Recovery Day with 3 action-packed shows! With a crowd hungry for excitement, and a locker room hungry for competition, this event was explosive!


Elliot Tyler def Danni Deeds

VIPW’s densest wrestler, at 5’9 and a self-proclaimed 400 pounds that looks more like 220, Elliot Tyler may have a broken scale, but he had Deeds well-scouted ahead of time, countering the Dastardly one’s nefarious attempts at cheating, ducking “That Move”, and hitting the Beef-Foot for the victory.

Sloan def Scarlett Black

Another Visitor from Vancouver Island, Sloan’s conditioning, power and undeniable mean streak got her the win in their first scheduled match of the day, overcoming Scarlett’s submission wrestling expertise and hometown support.

Johnny Flash def Shreddz

Sweden’s Johnny Flash put up a heroic fight against the larger, more powerful Shreddz, who was already in a bad mood due to some audio issues ruining his entrance. Shreddz punished Flash with superior power, but was unexpectedly bested with a surprise roll-up, leaving Shreddz as frustrated as he’d be at an all-carb buffet.

Azeem The Dream def Volcano

New Westminster native Volcano was the clear crowd favorite going into this match but was working at a disadvantage with Azeem’s Team USA partner Chris Rysek and their manager at ringside. New Westminster’s resident superhero brought the heat we’ve come to expect, with a balanced technical high-flying offense, but fell to Azeem’s sneaky strategy of pulling the tights for a quick pin.

Air Adonis def Christopher Rysek via Disqualification

The New Westminster favorite was scheduled to face Rysek in a 1-on-1 match that quickly fell into chaos when Rysek used his favorite mirror as a weapon, drawing a disqualification. The 1-on-1  became a 3-on-1 when Rysek’s Team USA partner Azeem and their manager entered the ring and attacked. Adonis’s fellow New Westminsterite Volcano made the save, setting up a 3 on 2 match for the day’s main event.

Scarlett Black def Sloan

Motivated by the earlier loss, Scarlett wasn’t about to let her hometown crowd down, grounding Sloan whenever possible to neutralize her size and strength advantage with creative submission holds, getting the win and tying the series at 1-1.

Mr. India confronts Big Daddy Dynamite Buck Lightning

After Big Daddy Thunder came to the ring for his match against Johnny Flash, he snatched a microphone and made a number of offensive remarks about New Westminster, the crowd in attendance, and the whole idea of BC Recovery Day in general. This brought Emcee Mr. India to the ring, who wasn’t about to let the upstart Thunder go unanswered. After dispensing some fitness advice and a stern warning, the Koyabell coach left the ring. Could trouble be brewing for the Throwdown at the Showdown on October 13th?

Big Daddy Dynamite, Buck Lightning def Johnny Flash

Buck Lightning came into this match with every advantage. A very long name. a foot taller, 150 pounds heavier, and facing an opponent who was already battered and bruised from his earlier encounter with Shreddz. Lightning clearly underestimated crowd favorite Johnny Flash, and was nearly humiliated by a number of near-falls, high flying moves and quick dodges that left Big Daddy feeling like “Regular Daddy”. The enraged Lightning hit Flash with a series of power moves, refusing to make the pin until mercifully ending the match with an elevated powerbomb.

Team New Westminster def Team USA

This 2-on-3 handicap match saw the odds stacked against Adonis and Volcano, but the vocal hometown crowd evened things up. An initial back and forth led to Team USA isolating Volcano from making the tag. Eventually Volcano broke free, with Adonis showing the crowd how he earned the name “Air” and keeping Team USA on its toes. Volcano got the pin, serving Azeem and Rysek a loss to cap off the afternoon.

We’re Not Done Yet!

Hot off this exciting event, we’re back at it this Saturday, October 13th at 12 noon for the Throwdown at the Showdown at the Massey Theatre. Will someone teach Big Daddy Dynamite some humility? Will Team USA bounce back from their losing streak? Will the audio guy play Shreddz’s music correctly? Find out at the Massey Theatre Small Gym on October 13th!